Roger Nixon

Species: Human

Appearances: S1: X-Ray, Leech, Obscura, Tempest; S2: Vortex

Family: brother, unknown

Bio: Roger Nixon had been a reporter for the Metropolis Inquisitor. In 2001, after Tina Greer had posed as Lex Luthor to rob a bank, Roger had managed to uncover a brush with the law Lex had had in his youth, and had tried to use it to blackmail him. Instead, Lex had threatened to make him disappear, unless Roger had agreed to work for him. As part of the arrangement, Roger would kill any and all negative stories about him, as well as help Lex investigate Clark Kent, specifically how Clark had survived the crash that had totaled Lex's Porsche. To that end, Roger had had a computer simulation created proving that Lex had indeed hit Clark with his Porsche, and that Clark had survived because of extraordinary abilities. When Lex had gone to confront Clark, however, Clark had seemed perfectly normal, his powers having briefly been transferred to Eric Summers at the time. Feeling Roger had been wrong about Clark, Lex had then dropped the matter. Within that same time frame, Roger had uncovered evidence that Lex's father Lionel had been having an affair with Lex's girlfriend Victoria Hardwicke. In the spring of 2002, Roger had introduced Lex to Eddie Cole, a cropduster who'd claimed to have seen a spaceship land in Miller's Field the day of the meteor shower. Lex had then had Dr. Steven Hamilton search the field, turning up the octagonal key to Clark's ship. A couple of weeks later, Roger had still felt there'd been something extraordinary about Clark, and had secretly filmed him surviving a truck explosion Roger himself had orchaestrated. He'd then listened in as Clark had discussed his spaceship with his parents, specifically how he'd feared anyone would find it. Taking the octagonal key from Lex's office, Roger had snuck into the Kents' storm cellar, and had used the key to activate the ship. He'd then been caught by the Kents, as they'd been preparing to take shelter from approaching tornadoes. Jonathan Kent had chased him off his property, and the two had wound up trapped in an old crypt, forced to work together to free themselves. Clark had eventually found them, but had been weakened by kryptonite that had lined the crypt. Seizing the opportunity, Roger had tried to abduct Clark, his plan having been to boost his own journalistic career by exploiting Clark and his abilities. Jonathan had tried to stop him, but Roger had then tried to kill him, just as Lex had shown up and killed Roger, saving Jonathan's life.

Played By: Tom O'Brien