Tina Greer

(left: Tina Greer, 2001; right: Tina Greer's skeleton, 2001)

Species: Metahuman

Appearances: S1: X-Ray; S2: Visage; Chloe Chronicles: Volume Two (mentioned)

Family: mother, Rose Greer

Bio: Tina Greer had been a so-called 'meteor freak' with the ability to shapeshift. As a child, she'd suffered from a soft bone disease, but the meteor shower of '89 had cured her, leaving her with an irradiated skeleton, as well as superhuman strength and the ability to make herself look like anyone she'd wanted. In 2001, she'd used this ability to rob Smallville Savings & Loan while posing as Lex Luthor. Her mother Rose had discovered what she'd done, and the two had argued, with Tina defending that she had done it so that the two of them could have a better life. During the argument, Tina had accidentally killed her mother, but rather than call the police, she'd hid the body in her mother's antique store and gone about life as usual, occasionally posing as her mother after school. She'd then set her sights on Lana Lang, plotting to kill her and take over Lana's seemingly perfect life. Thankfully, Clark Kent had been there to stop her, and Tina had been sent to Belle Reve Sanitarium. In early 2003, Tina had faked her death, and returned to Smallville posing as Lana's ex-boyfriend Whitney Fordman, having realized that she'd wanted to be with> Lana rather than be her. Not knowing Whitney and Lana had broken up, though, Tina had proposed to Lana, but had been turned down. Thinking it had been because Lana was actually in love with Clark, Tina had abducted him, weakening him with Lana's kryptonite necklace, and then had gone to declare her love for "the girl of [their] dreams" while posing as Clark. However, Clark's spaceship had neutralized the kryptonite in the necklace, allowing him to escape. He'd then found Tina with Lana at the Talon, and the two had fought in the alley outside. Tina had wound up impaled on a large piece of wood, and with her last breath, had told Clark to take care of their girl. Her body had later found its way into the hands of Dr. Donovan Jamison, who'd wanted to study the effect kryptonite had had on her and other 'meteor freaks'.

Played By: Lizzy Caplan, Michael Rosenbaum (as Lex Luthor), Beverley Breuer (as Rose Greer), Kristin Kreuk (as Lana Lang), & Eric Johnson (as Whitney Fordman)