Eddie Cole

Species: Human

Appearances: S1: Obscura

Family: unknown

Bio: Eddie Cole is crop duster based in Smallville. During the meteor shower of 1989, he'd been dusting Baker's Field, when Clark Kent's spaceship had flown past him, missing his plane's tail by about ten feet. He'd seen the ship land, but when he'd gone to check on it a couple of hours later, it was gone. Even without proof, he'd insisted that it was a spaceship he'd seen and not a meteor, and eventually, the FAA had revoked Mr. Cole's license, as they'd felt he wasn't fit to fly anymore. In early 2002, tabloid reporter Roger Nixon had tracked Eddie down, and had introduced him to Lex Luthor. Following up on Mr. Cole's information, Lex had had Dr. Steven Hamilton excavate the field where the ship had landed, turning up an octagonal disk. However, when Lex and Dr. Hamilton had gone to question Mr. Cole further, Mr. Cole had been nowhere to be found.

Played By: Frank C. Turner