Jonathan Kent

Species: Human

Appearances: S1 - S5; S8: Odyssey; S10: Lazarus, Finale

Family: parents, Hiram and Jessica Kent; widow, Martha Kent; adoptive son, Clark Kent; father-in-law, William Clark; daughter-in-law, Lois Lane

Bio: Born and raised in Smallville, Kansas, Jonathan Kent spent his entire life on his family's farm. While attending Smallville High, he played tailback for the school's football team, and briefly dated Nell Potter. As far as college, he attended a finance course at Metropolis University, where he met and fell in love with Martha Clark, whom he later married. In 1989, Jonathan and Martha went into town to pick up some tulips, and while heading home, a meteor shower struck the town, upending their truck. They were then approached by a three-year-old boy, whom they later took home and named Clark. Twelve years later, when Clark started demanding answers, Jonathan revealed that Clark was an alien, before showing him the spacecraft Clark had arrived in. In 2003, when Clark had run away to Metropolis, Jonathan struck a deal with Clark's biological father, Jor-El, that granted him temporary abilities that would enable him to bring Clark home. Jonathan was successful, but eventually developed heart problems as a result of those abilities. Nearly a year later, Jor-El tried to reclaim Clark as part of his and Jonathan's deal, but when Jonathan and Clark tried to resist, Jor-El put Jonathan into a coma and took Clark to a pocket dimension of space, reprogramming him as Kal-El of Krypton. Three months later, Clark returned to Smallville and was returned to normal by Martha, thus awakening Jonathan from his coma. In 2005, Jonathan decided to run for Kansas State Senator, hiring Lois Lane as his campaign manager. In early 2006, he won the election, but suffered a fatal heart attack that same night. In 2010, his spirit appeared to Clark, encouraging him to become Earth's savior and warning him of a dark force that had come to Earth. Jonathan's spirit appeared once again in 2011 at Clark's wedding to Lois Lane, and again in Clark's Fortress of Solitude, holding the suit Clark was meant to wear as Superman and telling him to "Always hold on to Smallville."

Played By: John Schneider