Dr. Steven Hamilton

Species: Human

Appearances: S1: Craving, Nicodemus, Obscura; S2: Duplicity; Chloe Chronicles: Volume One (mentioned)

Family: unknown

Bio: Steven Hamilton had been a disgraced scientist obsessed with kryptonite and its effects on the people of Smallville. In the '90s, he'd worked with Drs. Donovan Jamison and Arthur Walsh at Metropolis University trying to study the effects of kryptonite, but the project had been scrapped. Dr. Hamilton himself had later been fired from Met U for having inappropriate relations with one of his students, and he'd wound up in Smallville selling kryptonite fragments to tourists so as to keep researching their effects. In 2001, Lex Luthor, having heard about him from local teen journalist Chloe Sullivan and believing kryptonite did indeed have an effect on the townspeople, had decided to fund his research. As part of that research, Dr. Hamilton had managed to use the kryptonite to bring the Nicodemus flower back from extinction, and it had wound up causing havoc in Smallville, reverting people to their most base desires. In early 2002, Dr. Hamilton had led the team that had excavated Miller's Field after Lex had received a tip from Eddie Cole, a crop duster who'd claimed to have seen a spaceship land there the day of the meteor shower. After scouring the field, they'd come up with an octagonal disk, which, according to Dr. Hamilton, was made of an alloy not found on Earth. Later that year, Dr. Hamilton had abducted Pete Ross, having found Clark Kent's spaceship in Pete's shed and demanding to know who the ship belonged to. Dr. Hamilton had revealed he'd been suffering from seizures brought on by exposure to kryptonite radiation, and that before the seizures killed him, he was going to prove to the world he wasn't a "quack doctor" after all. In the end, he'd been accidentally exposed to liquid kryptonite, worsening his symptoms before finally killing him.

Played By: Joe Morton