Alexander 'Lex' Luthor

Species: Human

Appearances: S1 - S7; S8: Bride, Requiem, Eternal; S9: Echo; S10: Lazarus, Finale

Family: parents, Lionel and Lillian Luthor; grandparents, Lachlan and Eliza Meehan Luthor; brother, Julian Luthor; half-brother, Lucas Luthor; half-sister, Tess Mercer; partial clone, Conner Kent; ex-wives, Desiree Atkins, Helen Bryce, and Lana Lang

Bio: Alexander Luthor, better known as Lex, was originally born in Metropolis, Kansas in 1980. In 1989, his father Lionel brought him along on a business trip to Smallville, just as the town was struck by a meteor shower. Lex was caught in the middle of it, and went bald as a result; however, he gained an increased white blood-cell count that meant that he never again became sick. A couple of years later, when Lex was eleven, he became a big brother for the first time, feeling for the first and only time like part of a "real family." However, the morning his baby brother Julian was to be baptized, Lex found their mother Lillian standing over Julian's crib, and realized that she had smothered her infant son during a bout of post-partum depression. Wanting to save his mother from Lionel's wrath, Lex took the blame for Julian's death, claiming it was an accident. The Luthors later told everyone Julian had died of SIDS, and eventually, Lex repressed the memory of how Julian had really died. In 1996, while attending Excelsior Academy, Lex and his friend Duncan Allenmeyer were the targets of bullies, particularly Oliver Queen. When Lex and Duncan caught Oliver and his friends stealing answers to a test, Lex wanted to use that knowledge as leverage to gain the respect of their peers, but Duncan wanted to do the right thing and turn them in. When Duncan refused to back down, Lex snapped, and started attacking him. Eventually, Lex relented, and Duncan wound up stumbling into traffic, where he was hit by an oncoming car. Then, in 1999, Lex took a friend of his, Amanda Rothman, to Club Zero, where they ran into her fiancée, Jude Royce. Jude, who had originally claimed to be out of town, accused Lex of bringing Amanda there on purpose, then attacked Lex, stabbing him in the shoulder. In the scuffle, Amanda grabbed the gun of Max Kasitch, Lex's personal bodyguard, and shot Jude, though Lex later told rogue cop Sam Phelan that he and Max were struggling for the gun when it went off. Phelan then helped him cover it up by promising to keep Lex's name out of the police reports, and instead blamed Jude's death entirely on Max. In October 2001, Lex was sent to Smallville to run a fertilizer plant owned by his father. After his first day there, he was driving over Loeb Bridge, when he lost control of his Porsche and ran into Clark Kent, sending them both into the river below. Unhurt, Clark pulled Lex out of the water, and administered CPR, saving Lex's life.

Played By: Michael Rosenbaum, Matthew Munn (as a 9-year-old), Wayne Dalglish (as an 11-year-old), Lucas Grabeel (as a teeanger), Connor Stanhope (as a 9-year-old), Kevin Miller, Matt Adler (voice), Mackenzie Gray (aged clone), & Jakob Davies

Lex, age 9
(Matthew Munn)

Lex, age 11
(Wayne Dalglish)

Lex as a teenager
(Lucas Grabeel)

Lex, age 9
(Connor Stanhope)

Injured Lex
(Kevin Miller)

Aged Lex clone
(Mackenzie Gray)

Young Lex clone
(Jakob Davies)