Eric Summers

Species: Human

Aliases: Super Boy

Appearances: S1: Leech; S3: Asylum

Family: parents, Mr. Summers and Mrs. Summers

Bio: Eric Summers was a student at Smallville High, where his verbally abusive father had taught geology. In early 2002, while on a class field trip led by Mr. Summers, Eric had nearly fallen to his death, but had been saved by Clark Kent, who had pulled him to safety. However, lightning had stricken Clark, and since Eric happened to have been holding a fragment of kryptonite at the time, the combination had inadvertently transferred Clark's powers to Eric. Initially, Eric had used those powers to help others, inspiring budding teen journalist Chloe Sullivan to dub him Super Boy in an article published by the Smallville Ledger. However, when Eric had learnt his father had planned to have him experimented on, Eric had rebelled, instead using his new abilities to impress his crush Holly, as well as terrorize her jock boyfriend Brent. A powerless Clark had tried to get him to see reason, but had wound up with broken ribs. As a result, people in town had grown afraid of Eric, most especially Holly and the Summers; Eric's parents had even tried to turn him over to the authorities, but he'd fled using superspeed. Eventually, Clark had tracked him down to the Smallville Dam, the scene of the original power transfer, and had managed to transfer his powers back via electricity and kryptonite. Afterwards, Eric had been sent to Belle Reve Sanitarium. In early 2004, Clark had run into Eric at Belle Reve while visiting Lex Luthor there. Teaming up with fellow inmates Ian Randall and Van McNulty, Eric had hatched a plan to steal Clark's powers so the three of them could escape. Once Van had acquired the kryptonite they'd needed, though, Van had outlived his usefulness, and so had been killed by Ian and his double. Then, Ian and Eric had ambushed Clark as he'd been trying to rescue Lex from radical electroshock therapy, and Eric had begun the process of leeching Clark's powers once again. As Eric and Ian had set about leaving the facility, Eric had turned on his supposed friend Ian, killing him. Clark had stopped Eric from escaping, though, getting into a fight with him and taking back his powers one final time.

Played By: Shawn Ashmore