Max Kasitch

Species: Human

Appearances: S1: Zero

Family: unknown

Bio: Max Kasitch had been a former bouncer at Club Zero in Metropolis. In '99, Lex Luthor had brought his friend Amanda Rothman to the club, where they had run into her fiancé Jude Royce, who had been surrounded by women when he was supposed to have been away on business. Amanda had called off their engagement then and there, and Jude had angrily blamed Lex for bringing Amanda to the club. Jude had then attacked Lex, stabbing him in the shoulder, and Max had been quick to intervene. However, in the scuffle, Max had dropped his gun, and Amanda had picked it up and shot Jude, killing him. With help from rogue cop Sam Phelan (as well as Lionel Luthor's money), Max had taken the blame for Jude's death, and disappeared. In early 2002, however, he'd been lured out of hiding by Amanda's brother Roy and an imposter posing as Jude. He'd returned to Smallville to warn Lex that he'd been seeing Jude everywhere, and Lex had responded by giving him the address of an apartment he could stay at in Metropolis. However, Max had never made it to the apartment, and instead, had been killed by Roy and the lookalike, his hand having then been severed and sent to Lex.

Played By: Michasha Armstrong