Roy Rothman

Species: Human

Appearances: S1: Zero

Family: sister, Amanda Rothman

Bio: Roy Rothman was a contractor from Central City, and a former convict. Following an incident at Club Zero in Metropolis in '99, his sister Amanda had committed suicide. During the incident itself, Amanda's fiancé Jude Royce had been shot and killed, and even though the official story was that then-bouncer Max Kasitch had killed him, Roy had firmly believed that it had been Lex Luthor who had pulled the trigger and that the loss had devastated Amanda. So, after happening upon a Jude lookalike working in a diner, Roy had gotten the idea to use the lookalike to get his revenge on Lex. First, Roy had gotten hired on as a contractor at the old Talon theater, which Lex had been trying to convert into a coffee shop, and then had had the lookalike apply for a job there, giving his name as Jude Royce. Then, after killing Max and sending his severed hand to Lex, they'd kidnapped the billionaire, taking him to Club Zero to torture him into confessing to Jude's murder. Roy had then killed the lookalike, before learning that it was in fact Amanda who had killed Jude and that it had been her guilt that had led her to take her own life.

Played By: Eric Breker