Sam Phelan

Species: Human

Appearances: S1: Rogue, Zero

Family: unknown

Bio: Sam Phelan had been a rogue cop for Metropolis P.D. Sometime in '99, after Amanda Rothman had shot and killed her ex-fiancé Jude Royce at Club Zero, Lex Luthor had protected Amanda by telling Phelan that he and bouncer Max Kasitch had been struggling for the gun, when it had gone off and killed Jude. To help cover up the whole incident, Phelan had written in his report that Max alone had killed Jude, and had instructed Lex to cut off all contact with Max. In return, Phelan had received a big payoff from Lex's father Lionel. In early 2002, while under investigation from Internal Affairs, Phelan had witnessed Clark Kent use his abilities to save a life, and had then tried to blackmail him into using those abilities to steal Phelan's file from IAB. Clark had initially refused, but then Phelan had started threatening Clark's family. So, Clark had reluctantly broken into the apartment of an IA detective, but rather than breaking into the safe the files had been kept in, Clark had instead dropped the safe onto Phelan's car, setting off alarms and alerting the authorities. Unfortunately for Clark, this tactic had backfired, as the next day, Phelan had framed Jonathan Kent for murder. Phelan had offered to exonerate Jonathan, under the condition that Clark help him retrieve his "retirement fund," namely a jeweled breastplate worth ten million dollars, from the Metropolis Museum. Rather than help him steal the breastplate, however, Clark had waited until Phelan's fingerprints were on it, then had tossed the breastplate outside, where it had landed in front of Lex and the authorities. Clark had then used his superspeed to get away, before Phelan wound up in a shoot-out with authorities and fatally wounded. Lex had tried to ask Phelan what he'd had on Clark, but Phelan, with his last dying breath, had replied, "Go to hell, Luthor."

Played By: Cameron Dye