Jude Royce Lookalike

Species: Human

Appearances: S1: Zero

Family: unknown

Bio: The Jude Royce lookalike, whose real name is unknown, had previously been a fry cook working in a diner before being hired by Roy Rothman. Following an incident at Metropolis's Club Zero in '99, Roy's sister Amanda had committed suicide. During the incident, Amanda fiancé Jude Royce had been killed, and Roy had believed Amanda's friend Lex Luthor had been responsible and that the loss of her fiancé had been what had caused Amanda to take her own life. So, when Roy had happened upon Jude Royce's doppelganger working in a diner, he'd hatched a plan to use the lookalike to get his revenge on Lex. First, he and the lookalike had killed Max Kasitch, a former bouncer at Club Zero who had been involved in the incident, and had sent Max's severed hand to Lex. Then, the lookalike had kidnapped Lex, taking him to Club Zero to get him to confess to Jude's murder. However, Roy had turned on the lookalike and killed him, revealing he'd been the one behind the whole scheme, before learning that it was in fact Amanda who had shot and killed Jude.

Played By: Corin Nemec