Lois Lane

Species: Human

Aliases: Vixen, Sadie Blodgett, Stiletto

Appearances: S4: Crusade, Gone, Facade, Devoted, Spell, Pariah, Recruit, Krypto, Lucy, Spirit, Blank, Forever, Commencement; S5 - S10

Family: parents, Sam and Ella Lane; aunt, Moira Sullivan; uncle, Gabe Sullivan; sister, Lucy Lane; cousin, Chloe Sullivan; husband, Clark Kent; parents-in-law, Jor-El, Lara, Jonathan Kent, and Martha Kent; cousins-in-law, Oliver Queen (through her cousin Chloe) and Kara Zor-El (through her husband Clark)

Bio: Born approximately in 1985, Lois Lane was raised as an army brat. When she was only six years old, her mother Ella died of cancer, leaving her and her baby sister Lucy to bounce around the world with their father, General Sam Lane. In 2004, Lois arrived in Smallville to investigate the death of her cousin, Chloe Sullivan, only to run into Chloe's best friend, Clark Kent. Together, they discovered that Chloe was alive, and rescued her from Trent, a metahuman assassion, so Chloe could testify against Lionel Luthor. Shortly afterward, Lois was forced to attend Smallville High with Clark and Chloe when it was learned that Lois didn't have enough credits to graduate high school the previous semester. That is, until Lex Luthor, as a favor to Clark, pulled some strings to get Lois accepted into Metropolis University. However, her college career didn't last long, as she was eventually kicked out for underage drinking. So, while staying with the Kents, Lois got a job waitressing at the Talon, before eventually moving into the apartment above it and becoming Jonathan Kent's campaign manager when he decided to run for Kansas State Senator. Following Jonathan's death on the same day he won the election, Martha Kent took her husband's senate seat, and hired Lois as her chief of staff. Eventually, Lois's natural curiousity landed her a job at the Metropolis Inquisitor, though her journalistic career originally started during her brief stint at Smallville High, where her cousin Chloe had convinced her to write for the school's paper, The Torch. By 2007, Lois had been hired at The Daily Planet by new editor Grant Gabriel, with whom she had a brief affair. For a while, Lois and her cousin Chloe worked alongside each other at the Planet, but Lex Luthor shortly after bought the paper and fired Chloe. Eventually, Clark, at Lois's urging, took Chloe's place, becoming Lois's deskmate. In 2009, during a fight with Lex's protegé, Tess Mercer, Lois came across Clark's Legion ring, and instantly found herself transported to the future. After being missing for three weeks, she eventually returned to the present, almost immediately forgetting her time in the future, except for flashes that came to her in dreams. Later that year, she and Clark began dating, then, after she discovered his secret, they became engaged. Their wedding was initially set for 2011, but the ceremony was interrupted by Darkseid. Seven years later, in 2018, they tried once more to get hitched, and in the meantime, continued to work alongside each other at The Daily Planet.

Played By: Erica Durance