Martha Clark Kent

Species: Human

Aliases: The Red Queen

Appearances: S1 - S6; S8: Odyssey; S9: Hostage; S10: Beacon, Finale

Family: parents, Hiram and Jessica Kent; widow, Martha Kent; adoptive son, Clark Kent; father-in-law, William Clark; daughter-in-law, Lois Lane

Bio: Originally a big-city girl, Martha Kent was born and raised in Metropolis, Kansas, where she eventually attended Metropolis University. While taking a finance course there, she met and fell in love with Jonathan Kent. When Jonathan went to ask her father, Willam Clark, for her hand in marriage, he and William argued, and Jonathan ended up punching him. Jonathan and Martha married anyway, and had been estranged from her father ever since. In 1989, Martha and Jonathan went into town to pick up some tulips, and while heading home, a meteor shower struck the town, upending their truck. They were then approached by a three-year-old boy, whom they took home and named Clark, after Martha's maiden name. In 2002, Martha briefly went to work for Lionel Luthor, before quitting her job upon learning he was investigating her son. Two years later, Lionel's son Lex made her manager of the Talon, a position she held until 2006, when she decided to take her late husband Jonathan's seat in the Kansas State Senate. In 2007, after Senator Ed Burke was killed, Martha took Burke's seat in the U.S. Senate and moved to Washington, D.C.. Three years later, in 2010, Martha returned home with her then-boyfriend Perry White, and was revealed to be the mysterious Red Queen that had been working against the Checkmate agency. When confronted by Clark, she explained that she was only trying to protect him, before handing over the Book of Rao, a Kryptonian device that would send Clark and the Kandorians to a distant planet they could call their own. She then returned to Washington, and shortly afterward, sent Clark a supersuit that she made for him that bears his family crest. In 2011, she returned home once again to speak out against the newly-passed Vigilate Registration Act, and in the process, was shot by Alexander Luthor. Months later, as a wedding present to Clark and his then-fiancee Lois Lane, Martha transferred the deed to the Kent Farm to them. She later attended their wedding, where she was escorted down the aisle by Daily Planet intern Jeff Hage.

Played By: Annette O'Toole