Kara Zor-El

Species: Kryptonian

Aliases: Kara Kent, Miss Sweet Corn 2007, Linda Danvers, Maiden of Might, Supergirl

Appearances: S7; S8: Bloodline; S10: Supergirl, Prophecy

Family: father, Zor-El uncle, Jor-El; aunt, Lara; cousin, Clark Kent; cousin-in-law, Lois Lane

Bio: Kara Zor-El originally started out her life on the distant planet of Krypton, having been born into the renowned House of El. In the Earth year 1986, a teenaged Kara followed her aunt Lara through a portal to Earth, where they visited the Kent Farm while Jonathan and Martha Kent were at church. While poking around the farm, they found they had been followed by Kara's father Zor-El, who made unwanted advances on Lara, before erasing Kara's memory of the trip. Months later, as Krypton was being destroyed, Zor-El gave his daughter a blue crystal, then sent her to Earth to protect baby Kal-El. Along the way, Kara's spacecraft placed her in suspended animation, where she remained even after arriving on Earth during Smallville's 1989 meteor shower. In fact, it wasn't until eighteen years later that Kara was finally freed as a result of Clark's fight with Bizarro. Once she was freed, she saved Lex Luthor from drowning, then set about searching for her baby cousin Kal-El. However, she was shocked to find that Kal-El was now an adult going by Clark Kent, and further shocked to learn that their homeworld had been destroyed long ago. Nonetheless, once Kara's ship had gone missing, they immediately began working on tracking it down, and were able to find it in time before it could explode. Unfortunately, the blue crystal Kara had brought to Earth with her went missing, having fallen into the hands of the Department of Domestic Security. While Kara searched continuously for her crystal, she began living with Clark at the Kent Farm and going by Kara Kent; in fact, Clark had his best friend, Chloe Sullivan, create a fake backstory that said that Kara was his cousin from Minnesota. Eventually, Kara was able to track down the crystal to Washington, D.C., but was captured by DDS Agent Carter and had to be rescued by Clark. Later, Clark used Kara's crystal to create a clone of Lara, but unknowingly created a clone of Zor-El as well. After Zor-El caused an eclipse designed to wipe out humanity, Clark stopped him by destroying the crystal, but this made Lara disappear as well and left Kara without her powers or memory. Weeks later, Lex Luthor found Kara in Detroit, where she had been going by Linda and working in a diner. When Lex attempted to take "Linda" back to Smallville, he was shot, and "Linda" was captured by Finley, a busboy, along with Lois Lane, who had followed Lex to Detroit. Mere hours after that, Clark discovered Kara's location, and saved her and Lois from Finley. After being brought back to Smallville, Kara returned to the Kent Farm with Clark, but eventually moved in with Lex when she realized she couldn't trust her cousin. However, when Clark was abducted and held in a kryptonite cage, Chloe took her to the Fortress of Solitude, where Kara's uncle Jor-El restored both her memory and her powers. She then saved Clark, before moving back in with him at the farm. Just one week later, though, Brainiac coerced her into leaving Earth with him in order to save Lana Lang, then had Kara open up a portal so they could travel to Krypton just before it was destroyed, his plan being to kill Kal-El as an infant. Upon locating Kara and Brainiac, Clark had Jor-El transport him to Krypton in the past, where he saved his infant self while Kara fended off Brainiac. Once Brainiac had been destroyed (or so Clark had thought), Clark returned to Earth with 'Kara,' not knowing it was really Brainiac in disguise and that Brainiac had trapped the real Kara in the Phantom Zone. Months later, when Clark and Lois were sent to the Phantom Zone via the Crystal of Knowledge, they ran into Kara, who had chosen to remain in the Zone for fear of unleashing Phantom wraiths on Earth; however, Clark was able to convince her to open a portal long enough to send Lois back. While Kara showed them an escape hatch Zor-El had built for himself and his family, Clark kept watch for Phantom wraiths. Unfortunately, Faora, wife of Zod, managed to slip past him and attack Kara, before following Lois to Earth. Shortly afterward, Chloe was able to use the Crystal of Knowledge to retrieve Clark and Kara, who then recaptured Faora. Later, Kara informed her cousin of rumors that the city of Kandor had survived the destruction of Krypton, then left Earth to try and find it. A couple of years later, Kara reappeared on Earth to help Clark fight Darkseid, and together, they saved Lois from a Darkseid-possessed Gordon Godfrey. Later, after plastering her face all over magazine covers, Kara, on her cousin's advice, decided to adopt a disguise, which consisted of a brown-haired wig and thick glasses. Months later, Kara was found by Oliver Queen after her search for the Bow of Orion, the only object said to be able to defeat Darkseid, led her to become entrapped in a cave. With Oliver's help, she was freed, and able to complete her quest. However, before she and Oliver would've approached the Bow of Orion, Kara was summoned to the Fortress of Solitude, where Jor-El warned that it was Clark's destiny to defeat Darkseid, not hers. That night, Kara hovered outside Watchtower, watching Clark and Lois, before putting on the Legion ring and disappearing into the future.

Played By: Laura Vandervoort