Gabriel 'Gabe' Sullivan

Species: Human

Appearances: S1: Jitters, Obscura, Tempest; S2: Dichotic; S3: Whisper (mentioned), Truth (mentioned), Covenant; S4: Gone

Family: ex-wife, Moira Sullivan; daughter, Chloe Sullivan; nieces, Lois and Lucy Lane; son-in-law, Oliver Queen; nephew-in-law, Clark Kent (through his niece Lois); grandson, unknown

Bio: Gabriel Sullivan, known as Gabe to his friends, was the former manager of the LuthorCorp Fertilizer Plant in Smallville. In 2001, he'd been in the middle of giving a tour of the plant to his daughter Chloe and her classmates, when they'd all been taken hostage by Earl Jenkins, who'd demanded answers regarding the plant's mysterious Level Three. Months later, in early 2002, Gabe had prepared to move Chloe back to Metropolis after Lionel Luthor had closed down the fertilizer plant, only for Lex Luthor to plan an employee-led buyout to keep it open. Later that year, when Lana Lang's aunt had moved to Metropolis with her new boyfriend, Gabe had allowed Lana to move in with him and Chloe so she could finish school with her friends. By early 2004, Lionel had given Gabe a promotion following a deal the former had made with Chloe to spy on Clark Kent for him. To celebrate, Gabe had put a down payment on a house in an affluent neighborhood Chloe had termed Brat Flats, but before he could've surprised Chloe and Lana with it, Lionel had had Lex fire Gabe when Chloe had refused to spy on Clark further. Lionel had also had him blacklisted to such an extent that Gabe would be "lucky to find a job as a dishwasher". Just a few months later, after Chloe had helped put Lionel Luthor away, she and Gabe had entered a safe house, and had been seemingly killed when the building had exploded moments later. However, Clark and Lois had discovered that Lex's men had gotten there in time to save Chloe and Gabe, and that their deaths had been faked.

Played By: Robert Wisden