Clark Kent's Spaceship

Clark Kent's spaceship is what had brought an infant Clark to Earth in the 1989 meteor shower. It had crashlanded in Miller's Field, where it had been found by Jonathan and Martha Kent. Realizing Clark was an alien, they'd taken the ship home with them and had concealed it in the storm cellar. It had later been discovered on two separate occasions in early 2002, first by Ryan James and then by Roger Nixon, before being carried away by tornadoes that had struck Smallvile that same year. It had then been found by Clark's friend Pete Ross, forcing Clark to admit to his friend his alien heritage.

Thanks to the ship, the kryptonite in Lana Lang's necklace had been neutralized, saving Clark's life when metahuman Tina Greer had tied him up with the necklace hanging at his neck. It was also due to the ship that Martha Kent had been able to conceive after so many years of infertility; however, after Clark had destroyed the ship, it had sent out shockwaves that had affected Martha, causing her to have a miscarriage.

In addition to bringing Clark to Earth, the ship had also carried with it genetic material that had become Davis Bloome, as well as an A.I. version of Clark's birth father Jor-El.


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