Ryan James

Species: Metahuman

Appearances: S1: Stray; S2: Ryan; S3: Delete (mentioned), Memoria (mentioned)

Family: stepparents, James Gibson and Debra Burch; aunt, unknown

Bio: Ryan James had been a teenaged metahuman with the ability to read minds. After his mother had died, Ryan had been left in the care of his stepfather James Gibson. Eventually, James had remarried, and he and his new wife Debra had exploited Ryan's ability in order to commit various robberies. In early 2002, after helping the two commit one such robbery on a pawn shop, Ryan had seized his chance and finally run away, in the process running out in front of Martha Kent's car and nearly getting run over. After being checked out at the hospital, he'd gone home with the Kents, proceeding to form a brotherly relationship with their son Clark. Before he could've convinced the Kents to adopt him, though, his stepparents had managed to track him down. They had then abducted him, as they'd needed his telepathy to rob Lex Luthor. He'd refused to cooperate, however, and the three of them had wound up at a bowling alley, where James had turned on Debra, killing her, before going after Ryan. Realizing what had happened to Ryan, Clark had managed to find the boy in time and save him. Ryan had then been sent to live with his aunt in Edge City. However, by 2003, after learning of his ability, Ryan's aunt had left him in the care of Dr. Lawrence Garner of the Summerholt Research Institute, before moving to Arizona. Dr. Garner had experimented on him, discovering that Ryan had had a brain tumor, which Dr. Garner had suspected was the source of Ryan's ability. Ryan had managed to reach out to Clark, who'd rescued him from Dr. Garner, with help from Lex and Judge Abigail Ross. Unfortunately, by that time, it had been too late: Ryan's brain tumor had become inoperable and it had already begun killing him. Clark had insisted on getting him treatment nonetheless, but all Ryan had wanted was to spend his last days with Clark.

Played By: Ryan Kelley