Principal H. James Kwan

Species: Human

Appearances: S1: Hothead, Rogue, Nicodemus, Drone, Crush

Family: son, Danny Kwan

Bio: James Kwan had been the principal of Smallville High. In 2001, six months after being hired on at the school, he'd discovered that several football players had cheated on their exams, and had informed Coach Arnold that he would be suspending the players. When one such player had come forward and admitted that Coach Arnold had supplied them with the answers, Principal Kwan had confronted the coach, threatening to have him fired. Being the hothead that he was, though, Coach Arnold had decided to use his new pyrokinetic abilities to set Kwan's car on fire with him inside. Thankfully, Clark Kent had shown up, managing to save the principal in time. Kwan had suffered some minor burns and smoke inhalation, but had otherwise been fine. Months later, Principal Kwan had become fed up with Chloe Sullivan continuing to print articles in the school paper about the meteor rocks' effects on the town, rather than school-related events. He'd suspended her as editor, eventually replacing her with Lana Lang, but then had reinstated her when she'd promised to print only what she could verify. In 2002, he'd been attacked and killed by Justin Gaines, whose hands had been disfigured in a car accident involving Principal Kwan's car. Justin had been out for vengeance, but little did he know that Kwan's son Danny had been driving the car.

Played By: Hiro Kanagawa