Coach Walter 'Walt' Arnold

Species: Metahuman

Appearances: S1: Hothead; S4: Devoted (mentioned)

Family: unknown

Bio: Walt Arnold had been the hotheaded head football coach at Smallville High. After twenty years of coaching, the alumni association had presented him with his own personal sauna, which he'd used frequently, heating it with kryptonite. Five years later, in 2001, while on his way to his 200th championship, several of his players had been caught cheating on their exams. Principal Kwan had informed him he was going to be suspending the players, but Coach Arnold had asked him to wait until the off-season to deal with the scandal. Kwan, however, had refused to sweep it under the rug for the sake of a championship, infuriating the coach and activating in him pyrokinetic abilities. Coach Arnold had later used those same abilities to bully his players after it had been revealed that he'd actually supplied the cheaters with the answers, as well as burn down the school paper when he'd learned Chloe Sullivan had been investigating the scandal. He'd also tried to kill Principal Kwan by setting his car on fire with him in it, but thankfully, Clark Kent had shown up, saving him in time. Clark had later gone to confront him, but the coach had locked him in the sauna, where he'd been weakened by the kryptonite. Clark had eventually been rescued by his father Jonathan (whom Walt had also coached), and had gone to confront Coach Arnold once again. This time, the coach had tried to kill Clark with his abilities, but they'd gotten out of control and he'd wound up burning himself alive.

Played By: Dan Lauria