Justin Gaines

Species: Metahuman

Appearances: S1: Crush; S3: Extinction (mentioned)

Family: unknown

Bio: Justin Gaines is an artist, a metahuman, and a former student at Smallville High. In 2001, Justin had been in a hit-and-run accident that had left him without the use of his hands. As he'd recovered, he'd found that he could move things with his mind. Five months later, in early 2002, Justin had still been recovering from the accident, when, angry that the surgeon who'd operated on him had failed to save his hands, had used his newfound talent to sever the surgeon's hands, making it look like a freak accident. He'd then returned to school, where he'd begun trying to woo Chloe Sullivan, opening up enough to let her see what he could do. However, things had turned sour once he'd learned that it had been Principal Kwan's car that had hit him the night of his accident (though, it had later been revealed that Kwan's son Danny had actually been driving the car that night), and he'd used his telekinesis to kill Principal Kwan with his own car. Once Chloe had realized what he'd done, he'd turned on her, attempting to use his telekinesis to kill her too, but she'd been saved by Clark Kent. Justin had later been institutionalized in a psychiatric ward.

Played By: Adam Brody