Trevor Chappell

Species: Human

Appearances: S1: Hothead

Family: unknown

Bio: Trevor Chappell was a football player for Smallville High. In 2001, he and six other players had been caught cheating on their midterms. When Prinicpal Kwan had threatened to suspend them, Trevor had come forward and admitted that Coach Arnold had supplied them with the answers. When confronted, Coach Arnold had denied it, but then, had gathered the seven players on the football field and threatened them using newly-developed pyrokinetic abilities. He'd made the sprinklers shoot flames around them, and then had left a hand-shaped burn mark on Trevor's arm. Clark Kent had later found Trevor huddled in his own garage, surrounded by fire extinguishers. Reluctantly, Trevor had told Clark about Coach Arnold's new abilities.

Played By: David Paetkau