Eleanore 'Nell' Potter Winters

(left: Nell Potter, 1989; right: Nell Potter, 2001)

Species: Human

Appearances: S1: Pilot, Hothead, X-Ray, Craving, Shimmer, Leech, Kinetic; S2: Duplicity, Redux, Ryan; S6: Promise; S7: Action (mentioned)

Family: ancestor, Countess Isobel Thoreaux; aunt, Louise McCallum; uncle, Dexter McCallum; sister, Laura Lang; brother-in-law, Lewis Lang; husband, Dean Winters; niece, Lana Lang

Bio: Born Eleanor 'Nell' Potter, Nell Winters is a former florist from Smallville, Kansas. In high school, she'd had a brief fling with Jonathan Kent, a fling that had lasted long enough or had been intense enough that she'd been disappointed when he'd ended up with Martha Clark of Metropolis. Sometime in the 1980s, she'd opened her own flower shop on Main Street, having also bought the Talon theater next it where her sister Laura had met and fallen in love with Lewis Lang. In 1989, while Lewis and Laura had been attending the Smallville High homecoming game, Nell had played the "good aunt" by babysitting her then-three-year-old niece Lana. After the game, a meteor shower had struck the town, striking down the Langs right in front of her and Lana. From then on, she had taken over care of her niece, eventually adopting her and giving her a necklace commemorating the adoption made up of the meteor that had killed Lana's parents. In 2002, following tornadoes that had devastated the town, Nell had met and fallen in love with insurance adjuster Dean Winters, eventually deciding to move with him to Metropolis and get married. Since Lana had refused to uproot her own life, Nell had allowed her niece to move in with Chloe Sullivan and her father Gabriel to finish out high school. In 2007, Nell had returned to Smallville, however briefly, to attend Lana's wedding to Lex Luthor.

Played By: Sarah-Jane Redmond