Earl Jenkins

Species: Human

Appearances: S1: Jitters; Chloe Chronicles: Volume One (mentioned)

Family: widow, Belinda Jenkins; son, Johnny Jenkins

Bio: Earl Jenkins had been a family friend of the Kents, having worked on the Kent Farm for six seasons when Clark Kent was a child. He'd even tried to teach Clark to play guitar, but had eventually gotten tired of replacing the strings. By 2001, he'd gone to work as a janitor for the LuthorCorp Fertilizer Plant in Smallville, where he'd been assigned to Level Three, a secretive area that had conducted agricultural experiments involving kryptonite. One day, there had been an explosion, and kryptonite had wound up embedded in Earl's skin, causing violent shakes as his body had tried to expel the kryptonite fragments. He'd demanded answers from Lionel Luthor, but Lionel had denied the existence of Level Three and Earl had wound up fired. Earl later had tried to get into LuthorCorp Plaza in Metropolis to speak with Lionel, but had wound up accidentally killing Will, a friend of his and fellow janitor. Earl had then tried to sneak into the Smallville plant while Clark and his classmates had been receiving a tour, only to find that the elevator that had led to Level Three had been sealed off. Upset, Earl had taken Clark and his classmates hostage, as well as Gabe Sullivan and some of the other plant workers. Lionel's son Lex, who'd been sent by his father to run the plant, had exchanged himself for the hostages, insisting that Level Three was all in Earl's mind. However, Clark had discovered the elevator with his x-ray vision, and had proceeded to tear through the wall covering it. Earl had then dragged Lex to Level Three, which they'd found had already been cleared out. Just then, Earl had started shaking violently, causing the catwalk they'd been standing on to break, nearly sending him and Lex to the concrete floor thirty feet below. Thankfully, Clark, despite being weakened by the kryptonite in Earl's skin, had been able to pull first Earl and then Lex to safety. Afterwards, Lex had offered to use LuthorCorp resources to pay for Earl's treatment, but Earl had died six months later, leaving behind an estranged wife and infant son.

Played By: Tony Todd