Chloe Chronicles: Volume One

SUMMARY: Set in season two, volume one of the Chloe Chronicles documents Chloe and Pete's investigation into the mysterious Level 3 of the LuthorCorp Fertilizer Plant.


Episode 1
With Pete using a handheld camera, Chloe interviews Earl Jenkins's widow, Belinda, who reveals that Level 3 was conducting experiments with a mysterious green dust. Belinda also reveals that shortly after Earl died, she'd received a call from a Dr. Arthur Walsh. Meanwhile, during the interview, Chloe finds that Belinda's son Johnny is stronger than the average toddler.

Episode 2
Chloe tracks down Dr. Walsh in Edge City, and tries to interview him. He's reluctant, though, muttering something about Dr. Steven Hamilton and someone named Donovan. He cuts the interview short, agreeing to meet with Chloe next week. In the meantime, Chloe notices an envelope on his desk that bears a mysterious green logo.

Episode 3
Chloe finds the Donovan Dr. Walsh had mentioned is actually Dr. Donovan Jamison, who'd worked with Dr. Walsh and Dr. Hamilton at Metropolis University back in 1990. Chloe interviews Donovan about the meteor rocks, but Donovan insists that his work at Met U had nothing to do with meteor rocks and tries to discredit Dr. Walsh. He also threatens Chloe, who notices an envelope with the same green logo as in Dr. Walsh's office.

Episode 4
Chloe returns to Edge City to re-interview Dr. Walsh, only to find his office empty. Just then, a courier delivers an envelope that bears the same green logo as before. Inside, Chloe finds cash, and a note threatening Dr. Walsh if he talks to Chloe. Later, she gives the money to Belinda Jenkins, while Johnny tears up furniture off-camera.


Chloe Sullivan

Pete Ross

Belinda Jenkins

Dr. Arthur Walsh

Dr. Donovan Jamison

Earl Jenkins


Dr. Steven Hamilton