Dr. MacIntyre

Species: Human

Appearances: S1: Leech, Nicodemus; S2: Vortex, Precipice; S3: Resurrection; S6: Fallout

Family: unknown

Bio: Dr. MacIntyre was a physician at Smallville Medical Center. In early 2002, he'd treated a power-less Clark Kent for broken ribs following a confrontation with Eric Summers. He'd also treated James Beales and Jonathan Kent after they'd been infected by the Nicodemus flower. Later, he and Dr. Scanlan had treated Lionel Luthor for injuries sustained during the tornadoes that had struck Smallville. In early 2003, after his colleague Dr. Helen Bryce had been severely beaten by her ex-boyfriend Paul Hayden, Dr. MacIntyre had immediately tended to her injuries, having found her in the pathology lab himself. Then, in early 2004, he'd performed heart surgery on Jonathan Kent during a hostage situation involving Garrett Davis. In 2006, Dr. MacIntyre had treated Lex Luthor after he'd been attacked by an escaped Phantom Zoner named Baern.

Played By: Julian Christopher