James Beales

Species: Human

Appearances: S1: Nicodemus

Family: unknown

Bio: James Beales had been an employee of Lex Luthor's, though he'd also secretly been working for Lex's father Lionel. In early 2002, while helping Dr. Steven Hamilton install some new equipment in his lab, Beales had taken the opportunity to steal a Nicodemus flower Dr. Hamilton had brought back from extinction. On his way to bringing it to Lionel, however, the flower had sprayed him, lowering his inhibitions and ultimately causing him to crash his truck. Jonathan Kent had pulled him out of the truck, saving him, only for Beales to fall into a coma at the hospital. He'd later succumbed to the effects of the plant and died, while the flower had gone on to spray others, including Jonathan himself and Lana Lang.

Played By: Bill Mondy