Victoria Hardwick

Species: Human

Appearances: S1: Rogue, Shimmer, Hug, Leech

Family: father, Sir Harry Hardwick

Bio: Victoria Hardwick was an old girlfriend of Lex Luthor's. In early 2002, they'd reconnected during a charity ball Lex had hosted at the Metropolis Museum, and Victoria had proposed they team up to help her father take over LuthorCorp as a way for Lex to get back at his own father. Lex, instead, had proposed that they team up to take over both LuthorCorp and her father's company, Hardwick Enterprises. Victoria had agreed, although she'd later been caught spying on Lex on two separate occasions, once by Clark Kent and another time by Amy Palmer. Shortly afterward, Amy's brother Jeff had tried to drown Victoria in a bathtub, but Clark had rushed in and saved her. The reason for Victoria's spying had eventually been revealed when she and her father had bought Cadmus Labs based on information Victoria had found on Lex's computer. However, the information had been planted, and Cadmus Labs had been worthless, thus allowing Lex and his father to take over Hardwick Enterprises.

Played By: Kelly Brook