Jeff Palmer

Species: Human

Appearances: S1: Shimmer

Family: mother, Mrs. Palmer; sister, Amy Palmer

Bio: Jeff Palmer was a student at Smallville High, and son of Mrs. Palmer, one of Lex Luthor's servants. By early 2002, Jeff's sister Amy had been obsessed with Lex, and had been teased at school by jock Troy Turner as a result. Having discovered some kryptonite-infected roses on the grounds of Lex's mansion, Jeff had used the oil from them to make himself invisible, first attacking Troy Turner for his bullying of Amy and then trying to drown Lex's girlfriend Victoria Hardwick while she'd been taking a bath. Clark Kent, though, had saved the day, fighting off Victoria's invisible assailant. Later, after Lex had had Amy sent away on the assumption that she'd been behind Victoria's attack, Jeff had gone after Lex, furious he'd chosen Victoria over Amy. Once again, Clark had shown up and stopped Jeff, using a bucket of paint to turn Jeff visible again. Jeff had later been take away in an ambulance, presumably to be institutionalized.

Played By: Kett Turton