Sir Harry Hardwick

Species: Human

Appearances: S1: Rogue (mentioned), Leech

Family: daughter, Victoria Hardwick

Bio: Sir Harry Hardwick is a multinational industrialist, and former CEO of Hardwick Enterprises. In early 2002, Harry sent his daughter Victoria to spy on her old flame Lex Luthor under the guise of rekindling their relationship. His ultimate goal was to take over LuthorCorp, an opportunity which presented itself when Victoria had discovered Lex's interest in Cadmus Labs. Harry then purchased the company in the hopes of using the profits to buy out LuthorCorp, only to learn that the company was in fact worthless and that Lex had planted a report that Victoria had found on his computer. Unfortunately for Harry and Victoria, acquiring the company so recklessly had left them open to a hostile takeover, which Lex and his father Lionel had used to their advantage, buying out Hardwick Enterprises.

Played By: William Samples