James John Gibson

Species: Human

Appearances: S1: Stray

Family: late wives, Mrs. James and Debra Burch; stepson, Ryan James

Bio: James Gibson is a convict, and the abusive stepfather of the late telepath Ryan James. Following the death of James's first wife, Ryan had been left in James's care. Eventually, James had remarried, and he and his new wife, Debra, had begun to exploit his stepson's ability in order to commit various robberies. Whenever Ryan had refused to cooperate, James, and possibly Debra as well, would've hurt him. In early 2002, after Ryan had reluctantly helped them rob a pawn shop, the boy had seized his chance and run away, in the process running out in front of Martha Kent's car and nearly getting run over. After she'd had him checked out at the hospital, she'd taken him home with her, where Ryan had bonded with her son Clark. Just as Ryan had begun to ingratiate himself into the Kent family, Debra had managed to track him down, and she and James had coerced him into leaving with them as part of their scheme to rob Lex Luthor (a scheme that had also included James posing as Lex's limo driver). However, Ryan had refused to cooperate, and had revealed to Debra that once she and James had gotten their hands on Lex's money, James had planned on killing her. Confirming that Ryan had indeed spoken the truth, James had been forced to kill Debra ahead of schedule, before chasing Ryan into a bowling alley. Ryan had then evaded James, just as Clark Kent had been piecing together James's real identity. Just as James had cornered Ryan, Clark had shown up and saved the day, knocking James out with a bowling ball before turning him over to authorities.

Played By: Jim Shield