Troy Turner

(left: Troy Turner, 2002; right: aged Troy Turner, 2002)

Species: Human

Appearances: S1: Shimmer; S2: Redux

Family: unknown

Bio: Troy Turner had been a jock at Smallville High, on the swim team and possibly the track team. In early 2002, he'd picked on Amy Palmer, teasing her for her crush on Lex Luthor. In retaliation, Amy's brother Jeff had turned himself invisible, and had attacked Troy in the boys' locker room at school. Later that year, Troy had been dating Chrissy Parker, a metahuman who could literally suck the life out of people. Prior to a swim meet, Chrissy had given Troy a kiss for good luck, and as a result, Troy had rapidly aged into an elderly man and had drowned.

Played By: Jesse Hutch