Harry Bolston

(left: old Harry Bolston; right: young Harry Bolston)

Species: Human

Real Name: Harry Volk

Appearances: S1: Hourglass

Family: unknown

Bio: Harry Volk, a.k.a. Harry Bolston, had been an elderly man who had discovered a partial fountain of youth. In the '40s, he'd been studying to be a concert pianist, with dreams of attending the Metropolis Conservatory. Unfortunately, his piano instructor had recommended someone else for a scholarship there, and so Harry had killed the instructor's son, reasoning that the instructor had killed his dreams and therefore he would kill the instructor's dream in turn. Sixty years later, in 2001, Harry had been released from prison, and had wound up at the Smallville Retirement Center, where Lana Lang and some of her friends had volunteered as part of their school's community service requirement. While Lana was supposed to have been watching him, he'd tried to sneak a smoke, and had fallen into the center's kryptonite-laced koi pond. When he'd emerged, he'd found he was seventeen again (his age at the time he'd killed his instructor's son), and had begun plotting revenge on the jurors who'd put him away. He'd first killed Jim Gage, son of juror Randolph Gage, strangling him with a piano wire while posing as an electrician. He'd then gone after Zoe Garfield, granddaughter of juror Eve Garfield, explaining that Eve had helped kill his future and therefore he was going to kill Zoe's future. Thankfully, Clark Kent had arrived in time to save Zoe, and Harry had been taken into custody. The next day, however, Harry had returned to normal, and police had been forced to let him go. Returning to the retirement center, Harry had headed straight for the koi pond, intending to resume his revenge spree. This time, though, he'd targeted Martha Kent, whose father-in-law Hiram had been on the jury that had put him away. He'd cornered Martha in a grain silo at the Kent Farm, where she'd pulled a lever, filling the silo with grain with the two of them in it. Clark and his father had found Martha and pulled her out in time, but Harry hadn't been so lucky.

Played By: George Murdock (old) & Eric Christian Olsen (young)