Zoe Garfield

Species: Human

Appearances: S1: Hourglass

Family: grandmother, Eve Garfield

Bio: Zoe Garfield was a waitress at the Beanery, a popular coffee shop in Smallville. In the '40s, her grandmother, Eve Garfield, had served as juror during Harry Volk's murder trial. In 2001, Harry, by then going by Harry Bolston, had been released from prison, and had discovered a partial fountain of youth on the grounds of the Smallville Retirement Center. Finding himself suddenly seventeen again, he'd sought revenge on the descendants of the jurors who'd put him away sixty years ago, reasoning that the jury had killed his future and therefore he would kill their descendants' futures. Zoe was among those he'd targeted, waiting until closing time at the Beanery to make his move. Thankfully, Clark Kent had arrived in time to save Zoe, and Harry had been taken into custody.

Played By: Lisa Calder