George Fordman

Species: Human

Appearances: S1: Shimmer (mentioned), Hug (mentioned), Kinetic (mentioned), Reaper, Crush (mentioned), Obscura (mentioned), Tempest (mentioned); S2: Visage (mentioned)

Family: widow, Betty Fordman; son, Whitney Fordman

Bio: George Fordman had been a Vietnam veteran, having earned a Purple Heart and a Silver Star before taking over his family's sporting goods shop, Fordman's Department Store. By the age of 50, George had developed a bad heart, a condition that had had him in and out of the hospital in 2001 and 2002, leaving his son Whitney to look after the business in his spare time. After being hospitalized in early 2002, George had received a visit from Tyler Randall, a metahuman with the ability to turn anything he'd touched to ash. Tyler had sought to end Mr. Fordman's pain and suffering by using his ability to euthanize him, but Clark Kent had learned what Tyler had meant to do and had stopped him just in time. Shortly afterward, Clark had asked Lex Luthor to pull some strings, and gotten the Metropolis Sharks to let Whitney play with them so that Mr. Fordman could've seen his son play professional football before he'd died. A few weeks later, Mr. Fordman had succumbed to his condition, and had been buried In the Smallville Cemetery. Mr. Fordman's death had been what had compelled Whitney to enlist in the Marines, just like his father had done.

Played By: Dale Wilson