Tyler Randall

Species: Metahuman

Appearances: S1: Reaper

Family: mother, Rose Randall

Bio: Tyler Randall had been a 'meteor freak,' with the ability to reduce anything organic to ash with just a touch. In early 2002, while in the hospital, his elderly mother had asked him to help end her life, and reluctantly, he'd tried to suffocate her with a pillow. However, hospital security had interrupted, and in the struggle, he'd been thrown out a window, landing twenty feet below and dying immediately from his injuries. Fortunately, a piece of kryptonite from his bracelet had embedded itself in his skin during the fall, and as the coroner had tried to examine his body, Tyler had gotten up from the table, seemingly resurrected (though Clark Kent had later found via x-ray vision that Tyler had had no heartbeat). Unfortunately, though, he'd accidentally touched the coroner, and in this way had learned he'd acquired a death touch from the accident. Later, while volunteering for a Meal-on-Wheels type program, Tyler had used his ability to euthanize an elderly woman named Birdy Sikes, as well as her dog Pepper. After learning that Whitney Fordman's father George had fallen ill, he'd visited him in the hospital, intent on ending the elderly Mr. Fordman's misery. However, Clark had learned what he'd meant to do, and had stopped him just in time. In the process, he'd informed Tyler that his mother Rose had survived the assisted suicide attempt. He'd then taken Tyler to visit Rose, pointing out that as long as there's life, there's hope. This had brought Tyler to the realization that while he'd thought he'd been relieving others' suffering, it had actually been his own pain he'd been trying to relieve. Then, before Clark could've stopped him, Tyler had used his death touch on himself, reducing his body to ashes.

Played By: Reynaldo Rosales