Betty Fordman

Species: Human

Appearances: S1: Crush; S2: Visage, Visitor (mentioned)

Family: late husband, George Fordman; son, Whitney Fordman

Bio: Betty Fordman is the widow of George Fordman, the mother of the late Whitney Fordman, and owner of Fordman's Department Store. In early 2002, her husband had passed away after developing a bad heart at the age of 50, and she and Whitney had buried him in Smallville Cemetery. Shortly afterward, her son had announced he was enlisting in the Marines, and he'd left for basic training before graduation. In early 2003, Whitney had returned home to a hero's welcome, only for Mrs. Fordman to learn that Whitney had been killed in action and that shapeshifting metahuman Tina Greer had been posing as her son to get close to Lana Lang.

Played By: Catherine Barroll