Species: Human

Appearances: S1: Leech

Family: unknown

Bio: Brent was a student at Smallville High. While on a class field trip in early 2002, fellow student Eric Summers had tried to hit on Brent's girlfriend Holly. Brent had threatened Eric, but before he could do anything, Eric's father Mr. Summers had intervened. During that same field trip, Eric had inadvertently acquired Clark Kent's powers, making him super-strong and super-fast. Eric had at first used his newfound abilities to help people, but then, Eric's parents had turned on him and he'd begun acting out. He'd tried to ask out Holly, only to be rebuffed by Brent. Eric had then terrorized Brent with his abilities, and when a powerless Clark had tried to intervene, Eric had flung him across the school parking lot, breaking his ribs. Terrified of Eric, Holly had called him a freak and had told him to stay away from her and Brent.

Played By: Will Sanderson