Mr. Summers

Species: Human

Appearances: S1: Leech

Family: wife, Mrs. Summers; son, Eric Summers

Bio: Mr. Summers was a geology teacher at Smallville High, and the verbally abusive father of Eric Summers. In early 2002, during a class field trip led by Mr. Summers, Eric had accidentally acquired Clark Kent's powers via a combination of lightning and kryptonite. Learning of his son's new abilities, Mr. Summers had then contacted a former colleague of his with the intent of having Eric experimented on. Furious, Eric had rebelled, using his new powers with impunity to terrorize first his father and then the rest of the town. After accidentally breaking Clark's ribs, Eric had sought help at home, only for Mr. Summers to call the authorities on his own son. Refusing to be taken in, Eric used his new superspeed to flee to the Smallville Dam, where Clark had taken back his powers.

Played By: Kevin McNulty