Rose Greer

Species: Human

Appearances: S1: X-Ray

Family: daughter, Tina Greer

Bio: Rose Greer had been the owner of an antique shop in Smallville, and mother to 'meteor freak' Tina Greer. When Tina had been a child, she'd suffered from a soft bone disease, but had been cured by kryptonite, leaving Tina with the ability to shapeshift into other people. In 2001, Rose had found a backpack full of cash in their home, and had discovered that Tina had posed as Lex Luthor to rob Smallville Savings & Loan. Rose had confronted Tina with the backpack, and the two had argued. During the argument, Tina had accidentally pushed Rose down a flight of stairs, killing her. At first, Tina had been horrified at what she'd done, but then had hidden her body in the antique store and gone about life as usual, occasionally posing as her mother after school.

Played By: Beverley Breuer