Sheriff Ethan Miller

Species: Human

Appearances: S1: X-Ray, Hourglass, Jitters, Rogue, Leech, Zero, Obscura; S2: Vortex, Heat, Nocturne, Lineage, Ryan, Skinwalker, Suspect, Precipice (mentioned); S4: Transference (mentioned)

Family: unknown

Bio: Ethan Miller is the disgraced former sheriff of Lowell County. In 1989, following the meteor shower that had struck Smallville, then-Deputy Ethan had stopped by the Kent Farm to check on his good friends, Jonathan and Martha Kent. That was when he'd first met their son Clark, whom they had found in a field earlier that day. Put on the spot, they'd quickly come up with a name for the boy, as well as a lie that they had just adopted him from Metropolis. By 2001, he'd become sheriff of Lowell County, and from 2001 on up until 2003, he'd been involved in investigating several notable crimes, as well as potential crimes, in Smallville. Then, in early 2003, desperate for money, Ethan had dug up dirt for Lionel Luthor in exchange for cash. He'd tried to cut off all ties with Lionel thereafter, but Lionel had blackmailed into keeping the arrangement going. Wanting to get out from under Lionel's thumb, Ethan had tried (and failed) to kill him, then had conspired with the bartender of the Wild Coyote to frame Jonathan. Ethan had later been discovered, and had been taken into custody. His successor had been Sheriff Nancy Adams.

Played By: Mitchell Kosterman