Sean Kelvin

Species: Metahuman

Appearances: S1: Cool; S3: Extinction (mentioned); Chloe Chronicles: Volume Two

Family: unknown

Bio: Sean Kelvin is a 'meteor freak' with the ability to leech heat from others. As a student at Smallville High, he'd played for the football team, though had had a reputation for being a player off the field as well, as he'd enjoyed flirting with all the girls at school. In 2001, during a party at Crater Lake, he'd turned his charms on Chloe Sullivan, though had even admitted to teammate Whitney Fordman that she was simply "another notch" to him. After getting Chloe's phone number, he'd fallen into the frozen, kryptonite-infested Crater Lake, and had emerged the next day with permanent hypothermia. He'd then tried to get warm with the remnants of a fire, and had discovered he could steal its heat, turning the fire into ice. Unfortunately, it had provided only a temporary fix, and he'd learned he'd need to steal heat from other people in order to survive. He'd first turned this power on the school nurse, though much like the fire, it had been only a small, temporary fix. So, he'd sought out his ex-girlfriend Jenna Barnum, killing her when he'd tried to steal her warmth. He'd targeted Chloe next, though her friend Clark Kent had stopped him, providing him a fix of heat in Chloe's place. As Sean had tried to find other victims, he and Clark had fought, with Clark tossing Sean into a small pond on Lex Luthor's property. Unable to control his power, Sean had accidentally turned the water in the pond to ice, encasing himself in it. This block of ice had later made its way into the hands of Dr. Donovan Jamison, a scientist who'd tried to study the effect kryptonite had had on Sean and others like him.

Played By: Michael Coristine