Jenna Barnum

Species: Human

Appearances: S1: Cool

Family: unknown

Bio: Jenna Barnum had been a student at Smallville High, and the ex-girlfriend of 'meteor freak' Sean Kelvin. In 2001, about a week after he'd broken up with her, Sean had attended a party at Crater Lake, where he'd flirted with Chloe Sullivan, a classmate of Jenna's from Biology. After getting Chloe's number, Sean had fallen into the frozen, kryptonite-infested lake, before emerging the next day with permanent hypothermia, as well as the ability to steal heat from various sources. He'd discovered, however, that people were the best source of heat, and had turned his new power on Jenna, stealing her warmth to survive and killing her in the process.

Played By: Tania Saulnier