Sasha Woodman

Species: Metahuman

Appearances: S1: Drone; S7: Cure

Family: parents, Mr. and Mrs. Woodman

Bio: Sasha Woodman had been a former student of Smallville High, as well as a former 'meteor freak' who'd had the ability to control bees. In 2001, a colony of kryptonite-infected Africanized honeybees had attacked her, stinging her over a thousand times. Despite her allergy to bee stings, she'd not only survived the attack but it had left her with the ability to control every bee in the state. This had been similar to how Greg Arkin had obtained his own insect-like abilities. In early 2002, with her parents riding her to win, Sasha had used her new ability to her advantage when she'd run for class president. She'd had the bees attack her rivals, Paul Chan and Felice Chandler, and had tried to attack Clark Kent as well. However, Clark had gotten her angry enough that her scent had changed, leading the bees to turn on her. She'd then dropped out of the election, and had later been committed to Belle Reve Sanitarium. In 2007, Sasha had run into Chloe Sullivan at the Talon. Chloe had approached her, thinking Sasha had escaped from Belle Reve, only to learn that Sasha had been cured of her krypto-infection by Dr. Curtis Knox and that the past six years of her memory had been erased along with her powers. As she'd left the Talon, though, Dr. Knox had kidnapped her, before taking her back to his lair and harvesting her organs to help heal his wife.

Played By: Shonda Farr & Jovanna Huguet