Paul Chan

Species: Human

Appearances: S1: Drone

Family: unknown

Bio: Paul Chain is a former student at Smallville High. In early 2002, he'd run for class president against Clark Kent, Sasha Woodman, and Felice Chandler. Out of all the candidates, he'd been the most qualified, which is why Torch editor Chloe Sullivan had endorsed him in the school paper. While he'd been working on his campaign, he'd been attacked by a swarm of bees, hospitalizing him. After Felice Chandler had been attacked as well, sending her into a coma, it had been discovered that Sasha had been a 'meteor freak' with the ability to control bees and that she'd been using her ability to eliminate the competition. In the end, despite his condition, Paul had still won the race for class president.

Played By: Simon Wong