Gregory 'Greg' Arkin

(left: Greg Arkin, 2001; right: Greg Arkin, 2011)

Species: Metahuman

Aliases: Bugboy

Appearances: S1: Metamorphosis; Chloe Chronicles: Volume Two (mentioned); S3: Extinction (mentioned); S10: Homecoming

Family: mother, Mrs. Arkin

Bio: Greg Arkin, dubbed 'Bugboy' by Whitney Fordman, is a 'meteor freak' who'd derived insect-like abilities from bugs exposed to kryptonite. As a child, Greg had played with Clark Kent and Pete Ross, but had stopped spending time with them soon after his parents had divorced. Instead, he'd taken to bug collecting, as well as spying on Lana Lang and leaving gifts for her in her room. His mother had even discovered a secret videotape collection devoted to Lana, and had decided to send him off to military school. Worried about his bugs and who would take care of them, he'd tried to set them free, only for them to attack. As a result, he'd soon developed abilities, as well as an aggressive, bug-like personality. He'd then attacked Whitney, killed his own mother, and then had tried to mate with Lana. Clark had stopped him, though, confronting him in the town foundry, where Greg had wound up crushed by heavy machinery and then turned into several bugs. However, one of those bugs had wound up in the hands of Dr. Donovan Jamison, who'd revealed that it had contained Greg Arkin's DNA. Years later, Greg had turned up again in Smallville, having returned to normal. He'd attended the Smallville High class of 2005 reunion, in the hopes of speaking with Clark Kent. When he couldn't find Clark, though, he'd approached Clark's date Lois Lane, as Clark and Brainiac 5 had looked on. Greg had called Clark a hometown hero, and had said to tell Clark thanks for straightening him out from his "web of obsession".

Played By: Chad Donella