Mrs. Arkin

Species: Human

Appearances: S1: Metamorphosis

Family: son, Greg Arkin

Bio: Little is known about Mrs. Arkin, except that she was divorced and that she'd been in a garden club with Lana Lang's aunt, Nell Potter. After her divorce from Mr. Arkin, she'd kept their son Greg on a short leash. When she'd discovered he'd been secretly videotaping Lana, she'd threatened to send him to military school. However, he'd had a kryptonite-infected bug collection, and he'd worried over who would take care of them. He'd tried to set them free, only for them to attack, causing him to develop insect-like abilities as well as an aggressive, bug-like personality. She'd later found his room covered in spider webs, and that's when he'd killed his own mother, covering her in webbing.

Played By: Gabrielle Rose