Dominic Senatori

Species: Human

Appearances: S1: Hothead, Reaper; S2: Suspect

Family: sister, unknown

Bio: Dominic Senatori had been one of Lionel Luthor's assistants. In 2001, he'd been sent to tell Lionel's son Lex to cut his workforce at the Smallville fertilizer plant, but instead, Lex had announced he was actually going to be increasing it by twenty percent. In 2002, Lionel had sent Dominic to investigate some "accounting irregularities," and had learned that Lex had been investigating the Kents and the car accident that had wrecked his Porsche. Dominic had revealed this to Jonathan Kent under the guise of inquiring as to why Lex would be investigating them. Learning of this, Lex had drugged Dominic, then had bound and gagged him in the trunk of his car. Delivering Dominic in this manner to Lionel, Lex had insisted that the next time his father had had an accounting question, he should just call him and ask, adding that the next time one of Lionel's "drones" pesters the Kents, he'll do much worse than making them ride with the spare. In early 2003, Lionel had been shot, and Jonathan Kent had been framed for it. Dominic came forward with his suspicion that Lex had done it, while Lex had pointed the finger at Dominic, revealing that Dominic was jealous because Lionel had planned on bringing him (Lex) back into the fold rather than groom Dominic to take over the company.

Played By: Jason Connery