Pamela Jenkins

Species: Human

Appearances: S1: Crush; S10: Abandoned (mentioned)

Family: daughter, Lutessa Lena Luthor

Bio: Pamela Jenkins had been Lex Luthor's former nanny. In the '80s, Pamela had been hired to care for Lex while his mother Lillian's health had been failing and his father Lionel had been away a lot on business. During this time, Pamela had had an affair with Lionel, later giving birth to a daughter that Lionel had forced her to give up for adoption. After Lillian had passed away, Lionel had threatened to disinherit Lex if Pamela didn't leave, forcing Pamela to cut off all contact with the younger Luthor. In early 2002, though, Pamela had reached out to Lex on the nine-year anniversary of Lillian's death. She'd wanted forgiveness for leaving him and to see what kind of man he'd become, but Lex had initially wanted nothing to do with her. However, once Lionel had revealed that Pamela had been dying of cancer, Lex had sought her out and made amends with her.

Played By: Donna Bullock