Chloe Sullivan's Wall of Weird

The Wall of Weird is a collection of "every strange, bizarre, and unexplained event" in Smallville since the 1989 meteor shower, containing newspaper and magazine articles of mysterious phenomena, as well as cases of people developing superhuman abilities. Chloe Sullivan had started it as a scrapbook, before moving it to one wall of the Smallville High Torch office. While she'd kept the Wall up her entire high school career, she'd eventually digitized it, keeping a list of people with suspected abilities. Even after graduating and taking down the Wall, she'd continued to add to her digital Wall of Weird into her twenties. Then, in 2010, two students, Zoe and Clayton, had revealed they'd continued Chloe's legacy, creating their own Wall of Weird online.


S1: Pilot

S1: Craving

S2: Visage

S2: Witness

Chloe Chronicles, Volume One

S4: Gone

S4: Pariah

S4: Forever

S10: Homecoming