Mr. Melville

Species: Human

Appearances: S1: Craving

Family: daughter, Jodi Melville

Bio: Mr. Melville is the owner of Melville's Family Nursery, a family-owned greenhouse in Smallville which had produced plants and vegetables grown in kryptonite-irradiated soil. In 2001, Mr. Melville's overweight daughter Jodi had used some of the irradiated vegetables to start a new diet of vegetable shakes, despite her father's concerns that Jodi was essentially starving herself to lose weight. Those concerns had later been vindicated, as the diet had worked, making Jodi lose weight but speeding up her metabolism to the point that she'd needed to suck the body fat of others in order to survive. Disgusted with what she'd become, she had tried to kill herself by causing a gas explosion in the greenhouse, but thankfully, Clark Kent had saved her, rushing her to the hospital.

Played By: Malcolm Stewart